Sermons by Craig Hopkins

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Palm Sunday (14.04.19)


Today we look at the events of Palm Sunday from John 12. What happened? Who was there? Why does it matter? How does it affect our lives? Craig, our Lead Pastor, talks to answer some of these questions concerning the start of the most important all weeks.

Stories of living water (07/04/19)


Today Craig Hopkins looks at John 7:37-39 and how Jesus proclaims that He is the source of satisfaction to the ache of our souls, and that when we come and keep on coming to Him, we receive from Him, to give to others. Craig tells some stories about how this is happening within our Church […]

What He says to you (10.02.19)


Last week we heard about our identity, today Craig Hopkins explores the reality of our meaning, that comes from relating with others. Where ultimate meaning is found is within a dynamic relationship with God; the God who speaks. Craig looks at 1 Samuel 3 and examines our ability to filter heaven’s whispers and know and […]

2019 – Presence & Presents (06.01.19)


It’s the first Sunday of 2019! The launch of our Small Groups has happened (Sign up via our small group page now!) and Craig Hopkins encourages us to make encountering Jesus the priority for our individual and corporate life this year.