Church at Prayer

Wednesday: 7.30pm (monthly)

An incredibly important time to meet with God as a Church.  This monthly opportunity is critical for people to gather and develop their personal relationship with God and understand more about corporate connections in passionate prayer and worship. This event is a central part of our life here at Brackla Tabernacle.


Wednesday & Thursday: 7.45pm (monthly)

The Bible is an ancient collection of writings: history, poetry, prophecy, biography; it was written by many authors over hundreds of years but has one central theme: God’s longing for relationship with humanity, made possible through Jesus Christ. At Brackla Tabernacle we are passionate about the Bible. We believe that although its words were written down by human hands, its inspiration and direction is divine. It is the living, active, powerful Word of God: real and vibrant and applicable to every aspect of our lives.

Bible@Costa is an opportunity when, every four weeks on a Wednesday and Thursday evening Brackla Tabernacle meets together for about 90 minutes, to learn, think and enjoy opening, reading and understanding the Bible and how it impacts our daily lives, at Costa, Waterton.