As a local church we support ActionOverseas, the mission department of The Apostolic Church of Great Britain. Originally established in 1922 with the purpose for its existence being a ‘Sending Church,’ to preach the gospel to as many unreached people of the world as possible.
The phrase used to encapsulate their vision, ‘Belting the Globe,’ is now being realised as over fifty nations in the world have Apostolic churches.

Until quite recently much of the work carried out by ActionOverseas was by full time missionaries in many continents, who sacrificed their lives to spread the gospel. These mission fields are now autonomous but a very close contact is kept between each country to continue to support and develop relationships. Malawi is now the only country where resident missionaries remain. The work of the missionaries was so vital to the initial spread of The Apostolic Church throughout the world.

We now continue to seek to fulfil the Great Commission’ “…go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) by sending mission teams and establishing autonomous churches in nations all around the world.