Sermons from September 2016

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The Shepherd’s Voice (26.09.16 – pm)


This evening, Gordon Thomas, having led us in a time of Communion talks from the Bible about the Shepherd’s Voice. During his talk Gordon showed a clip of a scene where some people tried to call a field full of sheep to follow them. Unsurprisingly, the sheep did not respond, that is, until the Shepherd […]

Suddenly… (18.09.16 – pm)


This evening Pastor Tim Jack, National Leader of the Apostolic Church UK, talks from Acts 2 and reminds us of the purpose of Pentecost, and how that purpose has not ceased.

Jesus or Barabbas? – Session 2 (28.08.16)


This morning David Dando again looks at Matthew 27 and the culmination of the trial of Jesus of Nazareth, where Pontius Pilate asks the crowd if they’d prefer Jesus or Barabbas, a thug and insurrectionist, released to them. They chose Barabbas. David explores how and why that happened, that had not just immediate, but eternal, […]