Sermons from May 2017

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Ascension (28.05.17)


The Sunday after Ascension Day is commonly known as Ascension Sunday, and so today, Craig Hopkins, looks at Christ’s ascension from Ephesians 4 perspective, and what Christ has accomplished for those who have put their trust in Him.

How to beat worry (21.05.17 – am)


Ever worried about something? Are you a worrier? Do you worry about worrying?! This morning Stephen Dunford talks about the antidotes and the defenders against worry, and how by applying them correctly, helps us live free lives.

Breaking Through Fear (07.05.17)


Today we were delighted to welcome Andy Tilsley of ChristChurch London to speak with us. Andy looked at 2 Timothy 1 and drew some characteristics on how to overcome fear. During his talk Andy showed the TED clip – how to start a movement



This morning, following on from three life stories that spoke about how Jesus changes and saves lives, Craig Hopkins talks about how the ongoing nature of Jesus’ saving, transformative work, is evidence of the Resurrection. Craig looks at John 11 and highlights some aspects of resurrection life looks like in someone who has put their […]

Stories of resurrection

During our Sunday morning gathering we welcomed Teen Challenge and heard three life stories how Jesus Christ rescues broken people.