Sermons from July 2017

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The Cross of Christ (30.07.17)


Pastor Derrick Hopkins visits us today and talks from 1 Corinthians about how the Cross of Jesus Christ was a place of incredible contradictions; but also where true salvation is found.

Encountering Jesus (16.07.17 – am)


This morning, Josh Hawker, one of our Church leaders, talks about an account that you read of Matthew, Mark & Luke’s Gospels, when a woman with a severe medical problem that had ruined her life had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Josh helps us understand how encountering Jesus is so much more than a temporary […]

Turn the world upside down (09.07.17)


Today, Craig Hopkins our Lead Pastor, looked at Acts 17 when Paul visited Thessalonica and told the city about Jesus. The response of those that were jealous and held Paul in contempt was that he and his companions were men that ‘had turned the world upside down.’ This curious response has negative connotations, but to […]