Sermons by Cor Bennema

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BibleWorks: – God’s Big Story – Part II (13.11.16 – pm)


This evening, Cor Bennema, completes our two-part series on The Bible: God’s Big Story. Tonight Cor focuses our attention on the New Testament and how Jesus Christ fulfils the promises, hopes and vision of the Old Testament, and points forward Himself to a ‘forever’ where God and His people live together.

BibleWorks – God’s Big Story – Part 1 (16.10.16 – pm)


This evening Cor Bennema, commences our two-part series on ‘The Bible: God’s Big Story’ where we explore the breadth of the Bible. In this evening’s session Cor looks at the importance of understanding God’s Big Story and the competing big stories of culture and history. He takes us through the Old Testament and how these […]