Sermons by Craig Hopkins

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Living Now! What do I want? (10.05.20)


Today, Craig Hopkins, shares from Matthew 6, one of the most famous speeches in history: Jesus’ sermon on the mount, in answering the question ‘what do I want?’ In this time of lockdown and confusion, knowing who we are, where we’re going and what we want is essential to living right now!

Encountering Jesus in the big questions(29.03.20)


Our online gathering (which had a number of technical issues) had Craig Hopkins talk to us from Luke’s gospel about Jesus asking some huge questions of those around Him? Craig looks at ‘what good would it be if I gained the whole world, yet forfeit my soul?’

Jesus is the Way (02.02.20)


This morning, following testimonies from two people in our church, our lead pastor Craig Hopkins shares some thoughts on following the person of Jesus, the One who said of Himself, ‘I am the way’.

The God Who Sees Me (26.01.20)


This Sunday, Craig shared with us from the story of Hagar in Genesis 16 about how God sees us in our pain and can encounter us there, bringing healing, direction and life.

Jesus is Lord (5.1.20)


On this first Sunday of 2020, Craig Hopkins, our Lead Pastor, shares with us from the Gospel of Matthew. Listen in to hear this brilliant message and ask yourself, ‘Is Jesus Lord of my life?’