Sermons by Craig Hopkins

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Jesus is the Way (02.02.20)


This morning, following testimonies from two people in our church, our lead pastor Craig Hopkins shares some thoughts on following the person of Jesus, the One who said of Himself, ‘I am the way’.

The God Who Sees Me (26.01.20)


This Sunday, Craig shared with us from the story of Hagar in Genesis 16 about how God sees us in our pain and can encounter us there, bringing healing, direction and life.

Jesus is Lord (5.1.20)


On this first Sunday of 2020, Craig Hopkins, our Lead Pastor, shares with us from the Gospel of Matthew. Listen in to hear this brilliant message and ask yourself, ‘Is Jesus Lord of my life?’

The Light of the World (29.12.19)


On this last Sunday morning of 2019, Craig Hopkins, our Lead Pastor, shares a brilliant message about the One who created light, the One who dwells in light unapproachable, yet has made Himself visible, approachable, and knowable through Jesus Christ.

Come on! Jesus fills us with power (15.09.19)


Today we look at Acts 18-19 and Paul in Ephesus again, where he encourages the believers there that there’s more in God than their current revelation or understanding. That which was true then, is true now, so Craig encourages us to ask for more.