Sermons by David Dando

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The Kingdom of God is…Now (11.10.20)


Today Dave Dando commences our new preaching series ‘The Kingdom of God…’ Today Dave looks at what the plan of God has been from Creation to invite us into His better influence, rule and flourishing.

Living Now! Where am I going? (03.05.20)


Today, Dave Dando looks at John 21, when Jesus changed the darkness of a night’s fishing into the best breakfast ever! In this season knowing where you’re going, when everything is up in the air, is possible when you know Jesus.

Encountering Jesus through the fire (22.03.20)


Today, instead of gathering in a physical location, we gathered online, in light of the unprecedented season we’re living in through the spread of coronavirus-Covid 19. Our physical presence does not determine our proximity to Jesus – we can encounter Him wherever and whenever. Our new series, during this season, will help fix our eyes […]