Sermons by Joshua Hawker

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You Can Be Transformed (23.02.20)


This morning Josh Hawker shares with us about how God often speaks to areas in our lives that are currently unhealthy and if we take time to listen and respond to what He’s saying we can know freedom and transformation.

Transformed Life – Eternally Blessed (18.02.18)


Today Josh Hawker, one of our Church Workers, continues our Transformed Life series by looking at one long list of incredible things God, in Christ, has won for us and given us access to. These benefits aren’t meant to just make us feel good, but to form the basis of our faith that affects everything […]

Encountering Jesus (16.07.17 – am)


This morning, Josh Hawker, one of our Church leaders, talks about an account that you read of Matthew, Mark & Luke’s Gospels, when a woman with a severe medical problem that had ruined her life had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Josh helps us understand how encountering Jesus is so much more than a temporary […]