About Us

About Us

We are a community of people based in the county of Bridgend in south Wales, who love Jesus Christ and want to make Him known. This forms the way we worship, the way we order our lives and our priorities, the way we think about family, community and culture. We are a diverse group of people; varied ages, backgrounds, cultures and experiences, and we are intentional about building a community where everyone belongs and can flourish. Our desire is to see the people in our county and beyond encounter Jesus and be transformed by His brilliance!

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As a local church we are a part of the Apostolic Church UK: a network of churches in the United Kingdom. We work closely with many of the other churches in the county and as part of the Apostolic Church UK are a member body of the Evangelical Alliance and Affinity.

Our desire as a local church is to be a people, a community, a family…

What We Believe

The following statements were developed by early Apostolic Church leaders and remain as brief statements of belief, expressing in simple and systematic terms, some of the basic tenets of the church:

The one true and living God who eternally exists in three persons in unity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.​

The inherent corruptness of mankind through the Fall; The necessity of repentance and regeneration by grace and through faith in Christ alone and the eternal separation from God of the finally unrepentant.

The Virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension and continuing intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ; His second coming and millennial reign upon earth.

The Justification and sanctification of believers through the finished work of Christ.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit for believers with supernatural signs, empowering the church for its mission in the world.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the Church and ministry to the world.

The Sacraments of Baptism by immersion and of the Lord’s Supper.

The divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Scriptures.

Christ’s leadership of the Church through apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, elders and deacons, for unity, maturity and growth of the church.

The security of the believer as he or she remains in Christ.

The privilege and responsibility of bringing tithes and offerings to the Lord.