Everything we have comes from a generous, resourceful God. Giving is both an expression of our humanity and part of genuine worship.

Brackla Tabernacle is a self-funded church family; everything we are and do comes from the faithful, brilliant generosity of people who love God and love His Church. Those of us who consider Brackla Tabernacle to be their Church family have the privilege and responsibility to contribute to the Church’s life and mission through financial support.

Why is financial giving important?

The Bible talks so much about the wise use of the resources that we’ve been given or have worked for. It warns about the misuse of these resources that fuels greed, jealousy, selfishness and power. It celebrates the best use of resource to provide for, be generous with and to bless others.

The Gospels record that Jesus talked about money all the time. Why? Because He knows how important it is to us and how, when used well, it can help change circumstances.

As a Church family we recognise that the Bible talks about those that follow Jesus recognise their responsibility not just to themselves, or their families, but the wider Church family too. Giving generously, regularly and faithfully to a local Church is the right response to receiving God’s generosity: this includes our finances, time, effort, love, hard work and perseverance.

Financial giving, done in faith and love, is really important. It helps free us from the fear of not having enough and the pride of having too much. It’s God’s great design to help us to flourish.

If Brackla Tabernacle is your Church you’ll fall into one of the following categories. We’d love for you to consider which one you are and what God might be saying to you about where you should be.

What type of financial giver are you?

Never – Some people do not consider the fact that our Church family is fully resourced by itself. It exists because people financially give. We all want to live by the principle that what we benefit from we should support. So please, if Brackla Tabernacle is your Church, don’t stay at this position for very long.

First Timers – Some people give financially for the first time (or every now and then). That’s great. We really appreciate it. But we’d love you to partner with us further. Would you like to know more about us? Are you part of a small group? Are you serving on one of our teams? Would you consider becoming a more regular giver?

Systematic – Giving regularly, systematically, is so brilliant! You’re on board with us. You’re committing yourself to this Church family. Thank you! Giving regularly helps us to fulfil the vision God’s given us, plan for the future and resource the present. But who knows that with more you can do more??

Tithing – This is the regular, consistent giving as outlined throughout much of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, where it was legally required that God’s people would give a tithe (a tenth) of all their income for the work of God. This pattern of giving to God’s work is endorsed by Jesus and throughout the New Testament. We believe that this is God’s great design for us when it comes to financial giving. We give the first 10% of all our income and choose to live on the remaining 90%. And this type of giving comes with a promise from God. He promises to bless us. God blesses obedience to Him, always. And anyone of us in this Church who gives financially in this way, will tell you again, and again, and again, that God has blessed their finances, not despite of, but because they’re giving their tithe. We’d love everyone who called Brackla Tabernacle their Church, to consider this type of giving, to see what the Bible says, and follow Christ.

Sacrificial Giving – There are moments in time, significant changes to income, or simply because you can give more, that we should consider ‘sacrificial giving.’ This is when we give beyond our ‘tithe.’ Some people that God has given great ability to increase their personal wealth are able to give regularly beyond their ‘tithe.’ Any gift that is given by faith is honoured and in this type of giving, beyond a ‘tithe,’ we can be led by God on when and how much to give.

If you would like any more information on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact admin@bracklatabernacle.org or the Church Office.


Gift Aid

Gift Aid is really important because it allows us to claim the tax back on your giving, which means your money goes a lot further at no extra cost to you!

In order for us to claim back 25p on every £1 you donate, please fill out a Gift Aid form below and email it back to us.

Gift Aid Declaration


Ways to give

Bank Transfer

To set up a one-off or regular direct transfer via personal online banking, log on to your online banking and request to set up a donation to be made to Brackla Tabernacle.

Sort code: 30-91-18

Account number: 01230007

When setting this up it would be really helpful if you’d email admin@bracklatabernacle.org to let us know.



Ordinarily you can give with cash or cheque (made payable to Brackla Tabernacle) at any of our ‘in-person’  gatherings, as and when they happen, or by posting a cheque to our Church Building.


Thank you!!