This Church family is determined to be ‘where God is known’ and we know that God does BIG and small brilliantly well. We want to be the same. We want to be a bigger Church – with people finding the hope and life and love of Jesus; and we want to do small really well – connecting, sharing, encouraging, living really well together too. We need both to really live! So, we seek to provide small groups that are diverse and varied so that each of us has a community where we can belong and connect with during the week.
There will be a variety of groups meeting for three terms per year, each term lasting for 10 weeks, and most groups will run on a weekly basis.

There are 3 types of groups you can connect with:

Life Groups

Will meet in homes, in cafes, in parks, anywhere really: ‘doing life together’ by praying about one another’s needs, by exploring God’s word, by being led with passion and purpose.

Activity Groups

Will meet anywhere! Each term’s Activity Groups may look different and will develop over time. So, if you’re passionate about football, craft, running, board games, DIY or whatever else, and others will join you, then gathering together in these groups will be a brilliant way to connect and stay connected.


These Courses will help us meet a specific need in a specific term. Alpha, marriage, parenting, going deeper in the Bible and other pop up courses will allow us to ‘plug in’ for a term to develop ourselves and apply lessons learned.

These groups, like all of us, are works in progress. They’ll develop over time: some groups will start next term, or in the coming terms; some groups may end. These are opportunities for us to grow, and most importantly, grow together.